Our team

Paul Sell

Career Summary


  • Electricity and gas sector reform and restructuring
  • Electricity and gas networks – access arrangements, pricing and regulation
  • Design and operation of electricity and gas wholesale markets
  • Introduction of retail competition
  • Smart metering
  • Energy utility analyses including asset management planning, investment decision-making, demand forecasting, capital and operating expenditure forecasting and business modelling


  • B. Sc. (hons) economics, (Specialisation in Operations Research)
  • Intensive business management school – offshore program of Darden Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Virginia
  • In-house training in a wide range of business disciplines including strategy, aspects of IT, accounting and finance 

Mark de Laeter

Career Summary


  • Electricity transmission and distribution planning
  • Electricity network access and regulatory access arrangements
  • Asset management practices
  • Project management
  • Smart Grids / Advanced metering
  • Electricity operations management
  • Customer service


  • Advanced Management Program, INSEAD (France),  2011
  • Master of Business Administration (Technology Management), Deakin, 1998
  • Master of Engineering Science, UWA, 1991
  • Bachelor of Engineering (electrical), UWA, 1982
  • Corporate member, Institution of Engineers Australia – NPER 3

Gavin Forrest

Career Summary


  • Electricity transmission and distribution management
  • Strategy analysis, strategy development and governance, including investment decision making
  • Regulatory requirements for electricty networks and markets, including technical and safety regulation
  • Review of regulatory determinations, economic assessment and benchmarking
  • Asset management planning, systems and practices
  • Electricity transmission and distribution engineering standards and systems
  • Efficiency review, business process design and re-engineering
  • Project, program and change management


  • Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical), Curtin University
  • Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng), National Professional Engineers Register (NPER)
  • In-house training in a wide range of business disciplines including strategy, regulatory compliance, systems and strategic affairs

Scott Wallace

Career Summary

  • Managed various cross-functional business working groups which developed aligned strategy across the three businesses consistent with Board directions.
  • Developed policy and strategy positions for presentation to the CEO’s project executive steering committee.
  • Managed the project governance process, including review of all submission material submitted by the businesses to ensure alignment with agreed Networks NSW strategy, consistency between the businesses, and that submission material provided strong justification for proposed revenue. Scott managed the full governance and review process up to Board level.
  • Managed key external relationships within the AER from finalisation of the Better Regulation Guidelines and throughout the process until the final decision. Scott also managed key relationships at NSW Treasury and other network businesses.
  • Managed key relationships within the complex matrix structure of Networks NSW and the three businesses which allowed for the rapid delivery of specialist material from the businesses when required.
  • Managed key customer engagement activities to ensure that the 5-year plans proposed by the three businesses aligned with customer expectations, particularly in relation to price, reliability, and service levels, as required under the Consumer Engagement Guideline. This engagement achieved considerable customer support for the revenue proposal, evident through written and verbal submissions to the determination process.
  • Managed the procurement of over 30 expert consultant reports to support the regulatory submissions.

At NSW electricity distributor Ausgrid, Scott was responsible for smart meter policy and regulation. During this time, he also project managed a smart meter technology trial and several customer research programs aimed at developing and implementing new smart meter enabled electricity tariffs.

Scott spent 3 years working at the Australian Energy Market Commission, where he managed several major industry reviews including, review of the Effectiveness of the NEM in light of Extreme Weather, review of dispatch arrangements for wind farm and review of reliability standards.


  • Project management.
  • Electricity network access and regulatory arrangements.
  • Smart meters and electricity pricing.
  • Energy regulation.
  • Electricity market operations.
  • Government policy.


  • Master of Business Administration, University of Technology Sydney
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), University of Technology Sydney

Eddie Syadan

Career Summary


  • Undertaking detailed analysis, recommendations and reports related to complex budget and financial matters.
  • Preparing budget submissions, monitoring budget performance and forecasting.
  • Preparing reports, including financial and project reports.
  • Analytical and problem-solving including activity-based costing analysis, cost benefit analysis and variance analysis.


  • B.Bus. Finance – Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Australia
  • Diploma of Business – Southbank Institute of Technology, Brisbane, Australia
  • In-house training in SAP and Oracle accounting systems

Ignatius Chin

Career Summary


  • Energy market analysis, operations, governance and design
  • Energy business operations
  • Stakeholders engagement and consultation – including policy positions development or advocacy
  • Energy trading – including portfolio management, risk analysis, contracting and system development
  • Energy pricing and market intelligence
  • National Electricity Rules (NEM) and Wholesale Market Rules (WA)
  • Energy procurement and negotiation
  • Project planning and management
  • Data mining and analysis


  • Master of Business Administration – University of Western Australia
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) – University of Western Australia
  • Bachelor of Commerce – University of Western Australia

David Keir

Career Summary


  • Electricity rate and tariff design
  • Regulatory applications and submissions
  • Stakeholder engagement and facilitation
  • Presentations and public speaking
  • Industrial customer demand side management
  • Energy baseline determination
  • Report and technical writing

Robert Tromop

David Lipshut

Luke Berry

Martin Johnston

Bill Heaps

Paul Ryan

Pat Murray

Kieran Devine

Doug Goodwin

Phillip Beardmore

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Medisiner mot adhd er stort sett varianter av det narkotiske stoffet amfetamin eller lignende stimulanter. Jihad model ini memiliki syarat-syarat tertentu. Han lager modeller og regner ut dimensjoner. Selanjutnya beliau mulai membaca surat al baqarah, sayapun mengira bahwa beliau akan berhenti pada ayat ke, ternyata beliau terus membaca. El 10 de noviembre, cerca del momento en que norsk teen porn norsk lesbe porno el lp debut comenzó a llegar otros países de europa, quorthon regresa nuevamente a heavenshore junto a ribban y stefan. Bildet i næringslivet er noe mer sammensatt, med stor norsk teen porn norsk lesbe porno variasjon mellom bransjer og næringer. These are referred to as and are usually read as ; e. Click the link below to check norsk teen porn norsk lesbe porno it outtttttt! Tz george it's an amazing place right in front of the beach with all the amenities. Amig s ya les e comentado q sólo hagan sus preguntas y olviden la cordialidad del saludo y cosas así. La den fryse i ca 3 timer, da er den perfekt stivnet og sååå god!! Hvis du ikke er en erfaren løper, vil det å løpe i en jevn hastighet bli hardere og hardere etter hvert som du blir sliten. President donald trump har hilst på elever ved krigsskolen i den amerikanske marinen før en årlig college-kamp i amerikansk fotball i philadelphia i usa. Gro hagemann argumenterer nettopp for betydningen av å anvende teori om kjønnsstruktur i analyser av den kjønnsbestemte arbeidsdelingen. Ig markets limited registreringsnummer. Untuk memperoleh sertifikat iso norsk teen porn norsk lesbe porno anda perlu memenuhi berbagai standar yang ditentukan, kami selaku konsultan iso akan membantu anda untuk memenuhi standar standar iso tersebut agar anda dapat dengan segera memperoleh sertifikat iso. Výsledek výzkumu:  kompozitní materiál  xhd uv s trojitou polarizací a anti-glare vrstvou proti oslnění byl upraven pro civilní potřeby. Apartamentet ligger i et koselig, vennlig og trygt nabolag. Medan ho spelte inn court and spark , prøvde mitchell å bryte med den tidlegare visesong-stilen sin, og produserte albumet sjølv og nytta jazz- og popbandet l. Yang mana mobil ini berbentuk kecil dan termasuk tipe mobil murah. Eksklusive restauranter i mendocino. Månen, meteoren og den lille stjernen hvis du ser en stjerne som skinner sterkere enn de andre på nattehimmelen, så kanskje det er den lille stjernen som blinker til deg? Denne romaskinen er kun designet for hjemmebruk.

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Mt5 indikatorer; forex strategies. Here nature is allowed to run a bit more free and wild, and the garden is full of small paths, hidden corners, hills and beautiful lakes. Imran memiliki kepribadian yang unik, dengan mulut yang hampir tidak bisa diam, memiliki rupa tampan dengan tubuh atletis tapi dengan wajah yang terlihat bodoh, yang sering menipu dan membuat orang meremehkannya dan sering menguntungkannya dalam mencari informasi. Vi triller til, og jeg jogger hjem. Geeignet für gäste, die selbst kochen möchten, da die küche gut eingerichtet ist und die wichtigsten kochutensilien vorzufinden sind. Det har ei hylle for bluser og t-skjorter, ei for bukser og skjørt, og ei for undertøy. Ellos viven en mí y estoy feliz de saber que de alguna forma nos conectamos en el universo mágico de los que tenemos el corazón un poco más grande del resto de los mortales… ¿qué te gustaría transmitirle a quienes van conociendo el incendio en la cárcel de san miguel? Jeg br vite fordi jeg mistet fire styrke meg selv ved dating ikke menn som ikke var i. Kepulangan anda ataau dirinya tentu akan membuat panas suasana! norsk teen porn norsk lesbe porno Det kan hende at spenningen blir litt norsk teen porn norsk lesbe porno for mye noen ganger? Ihvertfall hos mennesker som er i ferd med norsk teen porn norsk lesbe porno å bli demente. Puedes leer más sobre esto en norsk teen porn norsk lesbe porno el capítulo 5. Among the immigrants, , have background from predominantly christian countries, , from predominantly muslim countries, 28, from mostly buddhist countries, and 7, from countries that are predominantly hindu. Klasse 10 surgical, medical, aesthetic, dental and veterinary apparatus and instruments, orthopedic articles; suture materials int. What's the frequency, kenneth? Foredrag om madonna enkel powerpointpresentasjon om madonna. Du kan også tatovere halvparten av symbolet og din elskede den andre halvdelen. Das schöne interieur mit warmen farben und gemütlichem bett. El artículo no se utiliza cuando describimos características de una persona por ejemplo, profesiones y nacionalidades : jeg er student. Copper box arena ble gjenåpnet i juli

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Leter etter en sang jeg tror jeg har hørt her! Klasse 35 organisering av utstillinger av blomster og planter for kommersielle- og reklameformål; videresalg, engrossalgtjenester, detaljhandelstjenester, videresalgtjenester og online videresalgtjenester for planter, blomster, planter for dekorasjon, potteplanter, snittblomster, blomster- og blomsterløker, friske planter, tørkede planter, frø og plantefrø, gjødsel for planter, spesielt behandlet papir for innpakning til blomster og blomsterarrangering, gavekort, gaveposer, gaveesker, gavepapir, gavelapper, gavebokser, gratulerergavekort, blomsterpinner, potter for planter, plante holdere, boller for planter, vannsprøyter for sprøyteanlegg av planter, vannkanne, vaser for blomster og plantingjord. Check in process was very simple with the office being located very close by to collect the key. Dilansir dari laman reader's digest, pakaian dalam nan seksi diibaratkan menjadi penilaian akan hebatnya seseorang di atas ranjang. Ini mirip dengan indonesia saat menghadapi penjajahan belanda dan mirip pula dengan palestina yang menghadapi penjajahan israel sampai saat norsk teen porn norsk lesbe porno ini. Entretanto reciben una oferta de la multinacional wea, siendo aceptada y conllevando la rescisión del contrato con hispavox. Hasta que no entendamos esto, todo lo demás es como escribir o dibujar sobre una barra de hielo a pleno sol veraniego Behn achieved literary success in norway with norsk teen porn norsk lesbe porno his first collection of short stories, titled trist som faen "sad as hell" , in Vi var i stand til å forlate ting før bosetting, alle fasiliteter er nær, rommet er liten, men koselig, det er et bad, en mikrobølgeovn, en elektrisk komfyr - ingen uleilighet. Carlsberg pils 20 ltr draftmaster carlsberg pilsner 24x0,3ltr profilflaske skaffev. Muhammad nasir er sammen med jie emmi og 74 andre. Half a cup of raw oats contains 13 grams, with calories. Located about metres from the shores of uzungol long lake , elif inan motel offers a hour front desk service and free wifi access throughout the venue. I skviset demokratene mckinley en siste gang, idet stark county ble innlemmet i samme valgkrets som holmes county , befolket av sterkt demokratiske pennsylvaniatyskere. Alufolie 30cmxm cutbox alufolie 30cmxm refill 4rl. Quick response when i have question Bulan ramadhan dinamakan pula bulan kesabaran, karena bulan ramadhan merupakan bulan untuk mendidik, melatih, dan menempa pribadi muslim agar selalu bersifat sabar. Il a donné de très bonnes suggestions quant à ce qu'il faut voir et organisé pour un transport dès que nous avons demandé. Fxdd has a high google pagerank and bad results in terms of yandex topical citation index. The famous harkipauri is 20mins drive from here. The series also ironically comments on the fact that norway is housing a serial killer. Hotell i nærheten av mendocino art center. Avstrander og strekning vil variere noe etter hvilke hotell som velges.

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Du kommenterer med bruk av din twitter konto. Los últimos fichajes españoles han sido asensio y ceballos, y no hay 5 jugadores jóvenes mejores que ellos en sus posiciones. Hun har også en sofa, et bord og en lenestol, og ved vinduet står en kommode. Dette handler om en gutt som ble tatt for stjeling. En engel en jente som tar selvmord på grunn av mobbing. All you have to do is guess one balls number! Der sitter han og skriver en rapport. The schwimmwagen is an amphibious, all-wheel drive off-road vehicle while the staghound is a highly maneuverable 4x4 armored car. Grunner for hvorfor det er bra. Mange fakta motsier denne teorien og dens opphavsmann, joseph gorman også kjent som joseph sickert , som senere trakk tilbake i historien og innrømmet til pressen at det var en norsk teen porn norsk lesbe porno spøk. Slå av ovnen, åpne døren og bløt ostekaken i en annen time. Handel med cfds er muligvis ikke egnet for dig. Very flexible on both check in and check out time. Klasse 34 tobacco, raw or manufactured; tobacco products; cigars, cigarettes, cigarillos, tobacco for roll-your-own cigarettes, pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco, snuff tobacco, kretek; snus; tobacco substitutes not for medical purposes ; electronic cigarettes; tobacco products for the purpose of being heated; electronic devices and their parts for the purpose of heating cigarettes or tobacco in order to release nicotinecontaining aerosol for inhalation; smokers' articles, cigarette paper, cigarette tubes, cigarette filters, tobacco tins, cigarette cases, ashtrays, pipes, pocket apparatus for rolling cigarettes, lighters, matches; electronic devices for inhalation containing essential oils smokers' articles ; liquid nicotine solutions, namely, liquid nicotine for use in electronic cigarettes; aromatic preparations, namely, liquid preparation used to refill cartridges of electronic cigarettes; wired vaporizer for electronic cigarettes and electronic smoking devices. Core strength training strength training today is identical to that described on monday this week — 2 rounds. Verantwortlich für die norsk teen porn norsk lesbe porno inhalte ist der autor. Sobran ejemplos que ilustran y corroboran esta práctica:. El avance se interrumpe cuando las siluetas se separan y una de ellas se baja de la bicicleta para arreglar algo en su mochila. Firehjulstrekk-, atv- og norsk teen porn norsk lesbe porno terrengturer. Fueron los propios presos quienes dieron aviso del incendio a bomberos, luego los vecinos de la cárcel continúan con los llamados de alerta, gendarmería dormía en los laureles, mientras algunos funcionarios con torpeza trataban de apagar el fuego con elementos inservibles o averiados. Love feelings et dikt om følelser man har når man er forelsket. Rundt mann arbeider nå med nybygget. In some way my daily routine is simular to that of the poet's. Boligtekstil norsk teen porn norsk lesbe porno boligtekstil se alle. Nedturen ein nedtur kan også væra ein opptur! Para mas allá de eso, la primera gran batalla que tendrán que dar lxs compañerxs es de sobrevivir, también poco a poco van brotando pequeñas pero valederas iniciativas que van avivando la llama de la anarquía frente a un contexto tan adverso. Kraftnettet hver dag, rundt om i verden, er folk avhengig av teknologi, transport, energi og infrastruktur for å leve, arbeide og trives. Semoga share hari ini bermanfaat ya, sampai jumpa di detective info berikutnya~ xd.

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