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Energy Market Consulting associates (EMCa) brings senior energy sector advisory and management experience to directly deliver robust energy policy, strategic, regulatory and operational solutions. The profiles below include EMCa consultants and associates. Other specialists can also be drawn from our wider network.

Paul Sell

Managing Director – Paul is an energy economist and Managing Director of EMCa.  With 33 years’ experience, he has played a major role in implementing and advising on electricity markets, gas markets, network access and regulatory regimes in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and other parts of Asia.

Career Summary

After initially working in government as an energy economist and policy advisor, Paul joined the predecessor to Ernst & Young in 1985.  He became a consulting Partner, establishing and leading an energy sector consulting group in Sydney and Melbourne, then a Vice President in Capgemini based in Sydney and with responsibility for energy sector reform consulting in Asia-Pacific.  Paul established Energy Market Consulting associates in 2002.


  • Electricity and gas sector reform and restructuring
  • Electricity and gas networks – access arrangements, pricing and regulation
  • Design and operation of electricity and gas wholesale markets
  • Introduction of retail competition
  • Smart metering
  • Energy utility analyses including asset management planning, investment decision-making, demand forecasting, capital and operating expenditure forecasting and business modelling


  • B. Sc. (hons) economics, (Specialisation in Operations Research)
  • Intensive business management school – offshore program of Darden Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Virginia
  • In-house training in a wide range of business disciplines including strategy, aspects of IT, accounting and finance 

Mark de Laeter

Director – Mark is an electrical engineer with 30 years’ experience in all aspects of the electricity industry, ranging from executive to senior line management positions in Western Power, a Top 500 Australian company with over 5,000 personnel.  He joined EMCa in 2013 as a Senior Associate based in Perth, Western Australia.

Career Summary

Prior to joining EMCa, Mark was the General Manager Networks at Western Power.  In this capacity, Mark was responsible for Asset Management Planning and for preparing Western Power’s regulatory Access Arrangements, which led to the approval of a $A5.5 billion expenditure plan.

Mark established Western Power’s Smart Grid Development Branch, which included management of the Perth Solar City Project – the most comprehensive energy efficiency initiative in Western Australia.  In his career he has also been General Manager Customer Services, General Manager Asset Management and prior to that was the Manager Regional Power Procurement.


  • Electricity transmission and distribution planning
  • Electricity network access and regulatory access arrangements
  • Asset management practices
  • Project management
  • Smart Grids / Advanced metering
  • Electricity operations management
  • Customer service


  • Advanced Management Program, INSEAD (France),  2011
  • Master of Business Administration (Technology Management), Deakin, 1998
  • Master of Engineering Science, UWA, 1991
  • Bachelor of Engineering (electrical), UWA, 1982
  • Corporate member, Institution of Engineers Australia – NPER 3


Gavin Forrest

Director – Gavin is an electrical engineer with 20 years’ experience in all aspects of the electricity industry providing energy related policy and strategy advice to government, regulators and energy utilities. He joined EMCa in 2014 as Associate Director based in Perth, Western Australia.

Career Summary

After an extensive career in senior management roles ranging from engineering and operational management to corporate business strategy, policy and regulation in a top 500 Australian company, Gavin provides advice to clients in Australia, NZ and parts of Asia as a specialist in electricity management. He has also advised on market development and reform activities, development and review of jurisdictional requirements and policy settings, and as part of reform programs to adopt national regulatory frameworks in Australia.


  • Electricity transmission and distribution management
  • Strategy analysis, strategy development and governance, including investment decision making
  • Regulatory requirements for electricty networks and markets, including technical and safety regulation
  • Review of regulatory determinations, economic assessment and benchmarking
  • Asset management planning, systems and practices
  • Electricity transmission and distribution engineering standards and systems
  • Efficiency review, business process design and re-engineering
  • Project, program and change management


  • Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical), Curtin University
  • Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng), National Professional Engineers Register (NPER)
  • In-house training in a wide range of business disciplines including strategy, regulatory compliance, systems and strategic affairs


Scott Wallace

Associate Director – Scott is an engineer with 20 years’ experience in all aspects of the electricity industry. Scott has experience working across the entire electricity supply chain and has also worked in government policy development, energy regulation and electricity market operations.

Career Summary

Since joining EMCa, Scott has worked primarily with a large electricity utility business in Malaysia, providing advice and guidance on the preparation of their incentive based regulatory submission. He has worked with the business in preparing a convincing narrative for the submission, and ensuring all past and future expenditure is suitably explained and persuasively supported by robust justification. 

Prior to joining EMCa, Scott worked at Networks NSW where he project- managed the regulated revenue resets for NSW distributors Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy and Essential Energy. This included managing the preparation of three highly complex submissions for each business, and tens of thousands of pages of supporting information, independent expert reports, financial and performance reports, and court submissions.In this role he:

  • Managed various cross-functional business working groups which developed aligned strategy across the three businesses consistent with Board directions.
  • Developed policy and strategy positions for presentation to the CEO’s project executive steering committee.
  • Managed the project governance process, including review of all submission material submitted by the businesses to ensure alignment with agreed Networks NSW strategy, consistency between the businesses, and that submission material provided strong justification for proposed revenue. Scott managed the full governance and review process up to Board level.
  • Managed key external relationships within the AER from finalisation of the Better Regulation Guidelines and throughout the process until the final decision. Scott also managed key relationships at NSW Treasury and other network businesses.
  • Managed key relationships within the complex matrix structure of Networks NSW and the three businesses which allowed for the rapid delivery of specialist material from the businesses when required.
  • Managed key customer engagement activities to ensure that the 5-year plans proposed by the three businesses aligned with customer expectations, particularly in relation to price, reliability, and service levels, as required under the Consumer Engagement Guideline. This engagement achieved considerable customer support for the revenue proposal, evident through written and verbal submissions to the determination process.
  • Managed the procurement of over 30 expert consultant reports to support the regulatory submissions.

At NSW electricity distributor Ausgrid, Scott was responsible for smart meter policy and regulation. During this time, he also project managed a smart meter technology trial and several customer research programs aimed at developing and implementing new smart meter enabled electricity tariffs.

Scott spent 3 years working at the Australian Energy Market Commission, where he managed several major industry reviews including, review of the Effectiveness of the NEM in light of Extreme Weather, review of dispatch arrangements for wind farm and review of reliability standards.

Earlier roles include Wholesale Markets Regulation Manager at Energex Retail, Team Manager Electricity Markets at Queensland Government, Market Analyst at the National Electricity Market Management Company, and Engineer at NSW generator Pacific Power.


  • Project management.
  • Electricity network access and regulatory arrangements.
  • Smart meters and electricity pricing.
  • Energy regulation.
  • Electricity market operations.
  • Government policy.


  • Master of Business Administration, University of Technology Sydney
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), University of Technology Sydney

Eddie Syadan

Associate Director – Eddie Syadan is a finance, economics and accounting specialist.  He has had several years’ experience undertaking detailed analysis and providing recommendations and reports related to complex budget and finance matters to senior management at an agency level in both the Queensland and Western Australian Governments.  He has considerable experience in operational budget development, budget planning and budget forecasting as well as the development of financial plans and strategies.

Career Summary

Eddie has undertaken analysis of historical and projected expenditure requirements for electricity and gas utilities, for pricing and regulatory comparison purposes in Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia.

Eddie has managed the budgets of state government funding programs at the agency level in both Queensland and Western Australia.  This included developing financial plans and strategies and preparing the annual financial reports, preparing budget submissions, including resource allocation, monitoring budget performance and forecasting.  Eddie has assisted in the development of policies and programs to facilitate the development of regional economies and communities.


  • Undertaking detailed analysis, recommendations and reports related to complex budget and financial matters.
  • Preparing budget submissions, monitoring budget performance and forecasting.
  • Preparing reports, including financial and project reports.
  • Analytical and problem-solving including activity-based costing analysis, cost benefit analysis and variance analysis.


  • B.Bus. Finance – Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Australia
  • Diploma of Business – Southbank Institute of Technology, Brisbane, Australia
  • In-house training in SAP and Oracle accounting systems

David Keir

David has thirteen years’ experience at the British Columbia Hydro & Power Authority (BC Hydro), with pricing and regulatory responsibilities. He brings specialist expertise in electricity tariffs, regulatory submissions and regulatory compliance. As an expert communicator, facilitator and educator, David also helps clients manage any aspect of the engagement interface between customers, utilities, regulators and government.

Career Summary

Whilst at BC Hydro, David managed regulatory submissions for commercial and industrial conservation rates, time-differentiated rates, standby and interruptible rates, retail access and transmission and distribution network interconnection charges. He has authored tariffs to determine historic customer energy use and generation baselines.  He has deep experience leading all types of customer and stakeholder engagements for tariff design projects and regulatory submissions.

David has negotiated multi-million dollar agreements with industrial customers for renewable power generation, plant expansions, load curtailment and energy efficiency projects. David is an accomplished report writer and technical editor with extensive experience writing industrial plant energy study reports, interconnection studies, stakeholder engagement reports, consultation guides, strategy and policy papers, business cases, letter agreements, executive briefing notes and presentations.


  • Electricity rate and tariff design
  • Regulatory applications and submissions
  • Stakeholder engagement and facilitation
  • Presentations and public speaking
  • Industrial customer demand side management
  • Energy baseline determination
  • Report and technical writing

Robert Tromop

Robert is an EMCa Associate and Managing Director of our associate firm, Efficient Energy International Limited, consulting in market strategy, energy policy, capacity building, evaluation and sustainable energy.



Until 2014, Robert was Head of Energy Efficiency at the International Energy Agency. Key outputs included; Energy Efficiency Market Report, Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency, Regional Energy Efficiency Policy Recommendations, cross-sector and sectoral policy analysis in a series of Policy Pathways and sector focused projects in buildings, appliances, industry and transport.

Prior to this Robert was Manager Monitoring and Research for the New Zealand Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (EECA).  Whilst in the NZ EECA Robert lead monitoring and analysis of programme design, tracking changes in energy efficiency and renewable energy performance across the New Zealand economy. He was also involved in the development and operation of economic analysis tools for policy design and evaluation. He led New Zealand’s product efficiency regulatory programme, and held roles in the development of New Zealand’s first National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy.

Robert’s international energy efficiency experience includes involvement in IEA and APEC energy efficiency committees and programmes. Robert, whilst working for the APEC Energy Working Group Secretariat developed the Peer Review Energy Efficiency (PREE) concept into a working process.  Robert has worked as Project Overseer over representatives from APEC Member Economies and developed tools for effective training and capacity building to be implemented within the APEC Member Economies.

Robert has a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

David Lipshut

David Lipshut has over 30 years’ consulting experience and over 20 years working for governments, regulators, market operators, industry groups, retailers and distributors helping to implement major reforms in the electricity and gas sectors. He is/has been chair or advisor on a range of industry steering committees and working groups and has had over two years direct and indirect involvement in defining the capabilities of smart metering and how related services should be provided.

David specialises in developing market and regulatory designs and multilateral agreements that satisfy government policy objectives and/or the commercial needs  of market participants.  He has deep expertise in the design of wholesale electricity and gas markets and developed an operating model for smart metering in Victoria.  He has facilitated many cross-industry groups to enable delivery of industry-wide solutions, including groups which have delivered the requirements to implement an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), to enable automated business-to-business (B2B) interactions, to introduce Full Retail Competition (FRC) and he prepared and promoted change proposals in regards to the National Energy Customer Framework (NECF) program.

Luke Berry

Luke is an infrastructure economist, with a focus on reform and access issues, and energy markets.  He advises on access regulation, energy market policies, NGL and NEL rule-development, and compliance.  He has assisted private and government-owned energy businesses, large and small energy users, regulatory agencies, and government departments.

Luke Berry has focussed on energy regulation, working for ENERGEX (an electricity and gas distribution and retailing business), and for Enertrade (a generator and gas transmission and merchant business within the National Electricity Market in Australia).  Prior to that, Luke worked for six years for the National Competition Council on energy and mining issues, as well as reviewing access arrangements in airside freight-handling and postal services, and reviewing intellectual property protections from Trade Practices legislation.

Luke has experience in asset valuation, service quality regulation, debt risk premiums, connection agreements, reliability, wholesale gas market pricing analysis, commercialisation of gas reserves, electricity avoided transmission use of system payments, project advice for new electricity generation projects, compliance with electricity and gas market obligations, design of gas markets, and with particularly deep experience in issues arising from the use of gas for electricity generation.

Martin Johnston

Martin is an experienced IT Professional and Manager and has extensive experience in preparing IT strategies, particularly for electricity and gas utilities.  He has worked with some of the leading companies in the Asia Pacific region over a period of more than 30 years.  Martin’s career has included positions as an IT consulting Partner in Ernst & Young and as a Vice President in Capgemini.

Martin has worked extensively in Australia, New Zealand and in South East Asia. He worked with Governments and business entities in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines on various aspects of many reform programs, including in the electricity and gas utility sectors. This work includes specifying and managing an asset management system replacement project for Tenaga Nasional Bhd (Malaysia).  He has also assisted Western Power as Design Architect for new systems required for dispatch and power system operations.

Bill Heaps

Bill is Managing Director of our associated firm, Strata Energy Consulting Limited. Bill has previously held a directorship of Orion Group (a NZ electricity distributor), and was Chairman of d‑cypha Limited (now EMS Limited) during the period in which it was the Reconciliation Manager for the New Zealand electricity industry. Bill is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Directors.

Bill has 32 years experience, which spans the electricity supply chain.  He has worked on the implementation of electricity markets in both the United Kingdom and New Zealand and has practical experience of the Australian markets. He has also been involved with energy market developments across the Asia Pacific and India.  Bill has presented many papers on electricity market topics both in New Zealand and internationally.

Whilst much of Bill’s experience is in the commercial sector of the industry, he has also held executive roles in both generation and transmission.  He managed the largest New Zealand geothermal power stations through the transition from public to private ownership and was responsible for significant reductions in operating costs and increases in performance.  Bill was also Commercial Manager for Transpower, New Zealand’s national grid owner and system operator.

Bill has undertaken a number of projects involving assessment of capital and operational expenditure budgets of transmission and distribution network companies.  This includes Asset Management Plan reviews of all 29 NZ distributors, and major technical advisory projects to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) advising on regulatory capex and opex allowances, as well as similar work for the Singapore Energy Markets Authority (EMA).  Bill also played  major role in assisting Western Power to revise its Applications and Queuing Policy, to facilitate new generator connections.

Bill currently chairs the Transmission and Wholesale Market Advisory Groups for the New Zealand Electricity Commission and chairs the Technical Support Group for the Electricity Commission’s Wind Generation Investigation Project.

Paul Ryan

Paul is Director of EnergyConsult, an EMCa associate firm.  EnergyConsult was established in 1999 in Australia and provides energy policy, market research and program development services in energy efficiency and carbon abatement, mainly to government, development agencies and energy utilities.


Prior to founding EnergyConsult, Paul was a consultant in an international energy consulting firm leading Australian and international energy efficiency research projects and demand side management programs.  In the 1980’s while working with the state electricity commission of Victoria, Paul developed the first energy rating label requirements and regulations for several appliance types.

Paul’s latest energy sector experience is focused on forecasting, modelling and data analysis of the physical and financial impacts of the energy efficiency initiatives, regulations and programs.  He has assessed or advised on Minimum Efficiency Standards and Energy rating labels in Australia and New Zealand relating to air conditioners, hot water systems, TVs, standby power, refrigerators, fans, chillers and motors.

Paul’s recent international energy efficiency experience includes the development of a national energy efficiency plan for Nepal and energy efficiency measurement systems for Vietnam. He has also undertaken projects regionally for ASEAN, the Pacific islands and Hong Kong.  He has strong technical, analytical, modelling and software programming skills which are complimented by his experience in economic, financial and market analyses.

Paul has a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic)

Pat Murray

Pat is a Director of our associate firm Efficient Energy International Limited.  Prior to becoming a partner in a specialist market and brand business with clients ranging from national organisations through to social behaviour change Not for Profit organizations was the General Manager: Marketing & Communications for the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) in New Zealand.

At EECA he led the development of EECA’s brand strategies, marketing strategies and communications including the successful EnerySpot (award winner), home insulation and products programme (which includes appliance labels marketing, Energy Star) and energy efficient lighting programme and which has resulted in significant market change.

Pat is an experienced operator in the private sector having held senior marketing and General Management roles, in a wide range of industries in New Zealand and internationally. Pat’s global experience includes operating in Asian, (China, Japan, India) European, African and American markets.

Pat holds an MBA from Brunel University, London.

Kieran Devine

Kieran Devine has senior management expertise in electrical, energy and infrastructure engineering organisations. This includes asset management, investment decision processes, project delivery, and operational management.

For ten years, Kieran was the General Manager Systems Operations for Transpower New Zealand, where he was initially responsible for developing the SO Team and role. Within the newly created Electricity Market Regulations, he managed the real-time operation of the New Zealand electricity system, and the associated national electricity market.  Prior, he was General Manager Service Delivery responsible for the operation, maintenance and investment in the Grid assets at Transpower.

Kieran is, and has been, a director for energy companies and a member and chairman for industry governing bodies and associations. This includes experience in industry reform, organisational change management, asset management, and management efficiency and performance programs.

Kieran Devine has a BE (Hons) Electrical, and ME Electrical from University of Canterbury and a Master’s in Business Administration with Distinction from the Victoria University of Wellington.

Doug Goodwin

Doug is an electrical engineer with broad experience in the electrical supply industry and particularly in electricity market and power systems operations. Doug has held senior management positions in power systems design, project management, and operations.

Doug has over 40 years’ experience in electricity generation, transmission and systems operation. His roles in Transpower included Wholesale Market Project Manager, managing Transpower’s efforts in the design and development of the governance, regulation and rules of the New Zealand Electricity Market (NZEM), the corresponding design and implementation of the NZEM scheduling, dispatch, information and pricing systems and business processes and organisational structures.

In the last 10 years, Doug was accountable for the oversight, coordination and management of Transpower’s wholesale market development strategy and implementation. He was a member of the Market Pricing Working Group, the Security Constraints Working Group and the Electricity Governance Board Rules Rationalisation Working Group. Allied tasks included ownership of the projects implementing approved changes to market systems and business processes.

Doug has a BE Electrical from the  University of Canterbury.

Phillip Beardmore

For more than 15 years Phillip has been involved in the design, implementation, operation and ongoing evolution of energy markets in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.  He has worked extensively with energy market agencies, governments, energy regulators and energy businesses.  He has particular skills in project management and in the management of implementation of programs and policies

His experience includes working on the project to transition New Zealand’s electricity governance/regulatory arrangements, followed by a six month secondment to the New Zealand Electricity Authority as its General Manager, Operations Development.  He provided secretariat and advisory services to the Australian State Governments, State regulators and energy businesses during the implementation of full retail competition (FRC) in the National Electricity Market (NEM) and he managed the implementation of the market processes, IT systems, and business systems required to enable FRC in the supply of gas in South Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.  He provided analytical input into the project to design, build and implement the structures to bring FRC to domestic electricity consumers in New Zealand and was project manager for the implementation of the New Zealand gas industry’s downstream allocation and reconciliation system.

Phillip is a Principal of Strata Energy Consulting.

Clive Bull

Clive has 30 years’ experience across a range of roles in the corporate sector of New Zealand’s electricity and gas industries. He undertook a range of technical roles in the then New Zealand Electricity Department, leading to an early specialisation in electricity system operations. With corporatisation and the formation of Transpower, his role became the management of transmission system operations.

He has experience managing the planning and implementation of capital works projects for New Zealand’s North Island transmission grid and had an asset management role in an electricity and gas distribution business.

He has been involved in a range of energy industry assignments such as for the New Zealand Electricity Commission and for the Commerce Commission.  This includes development of capex and opex information requirements for customised price path applications from regulated electricity and gas transmission and distribution companies, transmission pricing and retail market development.

Clive is a Principal of Strata Energy Consulting.

Stephen Lewis

Stephen is an electrical engineer who has over 30 years of electricity supply industry experience.  His previous career with National Grid plc spanned the UK, the USA, Australia and South America.  He is a Director of MainPower New Zealand Ltd., and a Trustee and Chair of Community Energy Action.

Stephen was the Commercial Director for National Grid Australia during the final stages of the Basslink HVDC interconnector project between Tasmania and Victoria.  Prior to this he was a Vice President of National Grid USA and headed the transmission business covering the New England and New York states. While in the UK, Stephen held numerous senior management roles for National Grid plc in the fields of maintenance delivery, maintenance and construction planning, network outage management, rights of way management, logistics, network safety management and marketing, sales and customer relations.

Stephen is an Associate of Strata Energy Consulting.

Hugh Driver

Hugh is an engineer by background, and has worked across a range of technical and commercial roles in the New Zealand and Australian energy and gas industries.  For 6 years he was Gas Transmission Asset Manager for Vector Gas Limited (formerly NGC New Zealand Ltd), where he led the technical strategic planning and growth development planning for the New Zealand High Pressure Gas Transmission System while coordinating the operational teams through organisational change.  He was also responsible for the interface with the Gas Commercial Team and for managing the wider transmission business risk, development[1], compliance and multi-million dollar capital expenditure budget.

He has been involved in a variety of concept development, risk, audit and project related assignments with clients that include Powerco Gas, Vector Gas, Contact Energy, NZ LPG Association, Refining NZ and EPCM Engineering Consultants.  Hugh has undertaken regulatory related reviews for gas system interconnections and critical contingency arrangements and was gas technical expert in the team involved in the review of conversion of the Town Gas Pipeline Network to transport Natural Gas for the Singapore Energy Market Authority.  He has worked for Kleenheat Gas in Perth, as Facilities and Maintenance Manager, where he had national engineering responsibilities which took him to all states in Australia associated with the LPG business and tempered LPG distribution networks.

He was a member of APIA Pipeline Operators Group, and held the position of BP Deputy Director on the Liquigas Board.  He was Chairperson of NZ LPG Association Technical Committee (1993-1999) and a member LPGA Executive Committee (1996-1999).

Hugh is an Associate of Strata Energy Consulting.

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